As a Creative Producer with a proven track record in the advertising industry, I bring a wealth of experience in planning and executing successful marketing campaigns and writing, directing and editing videos for global brands, working with Tabasco, eBay, UNILEVER, Sodexo, Jeremiah's Italian Ice, YMCA, Amazon Prime Video, and others. On top of my audiovisual production proficiency, my expertise extends into a range of communication skills—photography, creative writing, strategy, social media management and content creation.
Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Central Florida, complemented by a Master's in Digital Communication, Branding and Storytelling. As a film director, I've garnered accolades at international film festivals and carry strong skills in screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and acting, having worked as the Director of Photography on Prime Video productions.
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